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Energy Providing Belt MX 1800

Energy Provoding Belt

MaxLife Medical’s Energy Providing Belt uses Khi Sa Mun Suk Dol ( Energy Stones). Scientists  says these are Natural Negative Ion Generators. Khi Sa Mun Suk Dol energy helps to spontaneously generate heat in the abdomen area strong enough to help dissolve local fat and lose weight. In addition to fat removal the Energy Providing Belt also helps to remove body toxins and metabolic wastes. When it is not producing heat it helps maintain and balance our body’s various functions and systems. 

It also Generates FAR INFRA RED (FIR) which is electromagnetic wave with wavelength 0.76 to 1,000 mm. It will stimulate our metabolism. Hence it is referred to as the “Light of Life”. FIR helps vitalize and energize our bodies in the following ways: 

Improves Microcirculation 

Microcirculation is the blood circulation of capillaries between the arteriole and venal. The basic function are for the interchange of materials between blood and the body cells, nutriment transportation (including nutrients and oxygen) and wastes discharge (carbon dioxide and metabolin). With exposure to FIR, temperature of skin and hypodermis increases thus expanding the capillaries. Water is the largest constituent of our blood. When big water molecule clusters becomes smaller clusters, water molecule liquidity in the capillaries increase considerably. The ensuing decrease in blood viscosity will enable blood fat to move smoothly. Thus significantly improves the microcirculation of blood. 

Energy Providing Belt is used as an advanced heat theraphy that has shown remarkable results in backache and local fat loss.

Energy Providing Belt integrates a soothing and to-the-point theraphy with mild acupressure treatment along with providing deep, penetrating heat & far infra rays into our body. This results in relieving joint stiffness and improving blood circulation.

Energy Providing Belt theraphy also strengthens the body's immune system and helps overcoming general body ache.

Energy Providing Belt loosens the fat tissue under the skin and dissolves it. This, in turn destroys fat cells, and you loose body weight partially. In addition, it improves the blood circulation and makes tissue healthier.

Energy Providing Belt dilates the blood vessel and relieves tension from the muscle around the lumbar spine. Regular theraphy helps increase the level of Oxygen and thus provides the tissue the nutrients they require. Over the period, muscle become healthier and capable of tackling the physiological process of wear and tear.