MaxLife Medical is one of the leading company in the Thermal Massage Beds, Healthcare & Medical Equipment

Maxlife medical sub center in Mumbai

Max Life Medical is one of the leading Korean company in the Thermal Massage Beds, Khi Sa Mun Suk Dol, Healthcare & Medical Equipments. MAX LIFE Thermal Massage Bed works on mainly 7 Principles: ACUPRESSURE, ACUPUNCTURE, CHIROPRACTIC, MOXIBUSTION, MASSAGE, FAR INFRARED & NEGATIVE IONS MAX LIFE Therapy is helpful in curing the Lifestyle problems such as Diabetes, Backache, Thyroid, Asthma, and Knee pain, Numbness, Cervical, High Cholesterol, Gout and Arthritis etc. It is also used for the treatment of Paralysis, Kidney and liver problem and many more chronic diseases. We can proudly say that millions of people across the globe are taking benefit of the thermal massage bed. We have the best network, Best Quality Products, ISO 9001 certified, 1 year replacement warranty and 9 years service. Delivery Across India Free installation Service Warranty Contact us at 1800-3000-1130or Email us at Follow us on twitter , Facebook & instagram !

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