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Max Tummy Belt MX1800

• Energy Providing Belt is used as an advanced heat therapy that has shown remarkable results in backache and local fat loss.

• Energy Providing Belt integrates a soothing and to-the-point therapy with mild acupressure treatment along with providing deep, penetrating heat and far-infrared rays into your body. This results in relieving joint stiffness and improving blood circulation.

• Energy Providing Belt therapy also strengthens the body's immune system and helps overcoming general body ache.

• Energy Providing Belt loosens the fat tissues under the skin and then dissolves it. This, in turn, destroys the fat cells, and you lose body weight partially. In addition, it improves the blood circulation and makes tissues healthier

• Energy Providing Belt dilates the blood vessels and relieves tension from the muscles around lumbar spine. Regular therapy helps increase the level of oxygen and thus provides the tissues the nutrients they require. Over the period, muscles become healthier and capable of tackling the physiological process of wear and tear.

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