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Thermal Masssage Bed MX9900

• A state-of-the-art warm jade physiotherapy bed, elaborately designed that up to human engineering principles, meridian and accupuncture principles and made with top technologies, provide holistic massage at your pleasure.


• Internal projectors for upper body and legs are installed respectively.

• The design of the track for upper body is based on physilogical curve of the human spine, the internal projector moves regularly along with the five meridians on the back, the internal projector for the leg directly moves along the legs.

• The external therapy balls have 9 balls, the adjustable design can easily apply to multiple positions, more convenient for use.

• An extra adjustable 3 balls therapy balls, beautifully practical.

• Portable adjustable 11 balls therapy head is convenient to apply at any area on the body(optional)

• Special internally installed heating device can achieve the optimal temprature.

• Just a press on the controller can satisfy people indivisual needs with different body height(one can choose under 160cm, 170cm, above 180cm three different modes).

• The product is equipped with massage function special for cervical vertebrae and lumber vertaebrae. Pressing on cervical vertebrae concentrate massage on cervical vertebrae, pressing the lumber vertebrae concentrate massage on lumber vertebrae. It also provides finger pressure and moxibustion effect.

• Can be programmed to apply repeated massage on a specific area(meet peoples indivisua; needs).

• There are 4 different massage modes for the upper body and legs respectively, providing more options for customers.

• Precise temprature control systems, maximum temprature up to 75. Applicable to any chill regions.

• Big LCD display makes the operation convinent, while the record function facillitates the assessment for purpose of after sales service...

This type of the art phi]ysiotherapy bed is elborately designed by specialist and an integration of human engineering principles, meridian and acupuncture principles and latest high technologies.


• S-Shape track back and leg part have separate moving mechanisms equipped with special Serpentine jade Roller as internal progector.

• Safe electric heating mechnism, powerful electric motor and ultra low noise design ensure high satisfaction, in addition product quality insurance and accident insurance are guranteed ny Korean Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd.

• Packed with 9-ball therapy heads,adjustable 3 balls therapy heads(adjustable 11-ball therapy heads for option)

• Made of some high class materials such as permananently non-distortion compressed foam, nano material with high strength abrasive resistance, ABS engineering plastic etc.

• Movable luxury handle and bed foot made of high strength cast steel specialized for engineering ensure satisfactory operating life.

• Big LCD handled controller, multiple safety protection devices, beautiful, safe and reliable.

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