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Spine Root Of Human Body











Spine is the Pillar of our Body.

Healthy Spine is the basic for healthy life.

Health is maintained well when the spine is aligned well.

Spine is the pillar of our body. Spinal cord is also in the spine connecting to the brain and controlling all the functions of our body. Spine supports our body weight and protects the spinal cord which communicates to all our body parts from the brain.

Human had evolved from waking on 4 legs to a bipedal being over a long period of time. Initially our body's structure and the skeletal from are similar to the 4 legged animals. Our spine was originally a neat S structure. By such natural Curve Structure our Whole body is supported effectively and is well balanced for right posture. Therefore, we are not destined to suffer from the cases of lumbago, shoulder and arm pain. They are the results of bad habits, wrong exercises, stress, accidents and genetical problem along with lumbago and so many other disorders stem from the spine. So it is easy to see how important the spine is in keeping good health

Working Principles


Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique similar in principle to acupuncture. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through "meridians" in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians. Pressure may be applied by hand, by elbow, or with various devices. Some medical studies have suggested the application of pressure (as with the thumbs or fingertips) to the same discrete points on the body stimulated in acupuncture that is used for its therapeutic effects (such as the relief of tension or pain)







Acupuncture is a form of treatment that involves inserting very thin needles through a person's skin at specific points on the body, to various depths. An acupuncurist will insert needles into a person's body with the aim of balancing their energy. This, it is claimed, can help boost wellbeing and may cure some illnesses. Conditions it is used for include different kinds of pain, such as headaches, blood pressure problems, and whooping cough, among others.





Chiropractic ( Spine Adjustment)


Chiropractic comes from the Greek word Cheir which means hand and practic which means treatment. It was the word used for medical treatments that uses only the hands without surgery or use of drugs, however today; the word is used for treatment for backbone correction. It became known to the world when around 1895; Dr David Palmer established the principle in terms of medical science of chiropractic. When the inter vertebral disks get contracted, which in turn represses the 31 threads of spinal nerves from the spinal cord, causing functional problems, chiropractic is a scientific field that treats such condition by adjusting the spine by hand, helping the body to cure itself naturally. It is recognized worldwide in 70 countries as a formal medical Practice. By correcting the alignment of Spine, the nervous system is corrected, enhancing the organs and accelerating the blood circulation and strengthening the immune system, the diseases are prevented and aging process is slowed down.







Moxibustion is a form of thermotherapy that started from mildly burning the areas of pain. It involves adding various kinds of medicinal herbs to that treatment. Its theoretical background based on meridian pathways and the acupuncture points. This method developed as a method of stimulation that provides acupunctural treatments, this is as effective as pharmaceutical treatments. Today, moxibustion is being acknowledged as medical method that corrects the functions of body organs. The main effect of Moxibustion are Activates the cells, It helps to improve blood circulation, Controls the hormone discharge, Controls the nervous system, Controls the functions of internal organs, Relieves Pain etc.





Massage ( Massage on Spine)


Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain. Research shows that massage therapy has several potential health benefits for back pain sufferers, including: Increased blood flow and circulation, which brings needed nutrition to muscles and tissues. This aids in recovery of muscle soreness from physical activity or soft tissue injury (such as muscle strain). Decreased tension in the muscles. This muscle relaxation can improve flexibility, reduce pain caused by tight muscles and even improve sleep.




Thermal FIR ( Thermotheraphy)


Thermotherapy usually done using KHI SA MUN SUK DOL by conduction heat or radiant heat, in terms of former, there are methods that uses sand, warm bath, paraffin wax, thermo bath and steam bath. As for radiant heat method, there are electronic light bathing, UV ray method, and high frequency method. FIR Heat therapy helps to improve blood circulation, Stimulates the metabolism and reduces pain, muscle tension, so it is known to help to improve the conditions of arthritis, muscle pain and chronic inflammation and also it helps to recover from fatigue. The main reason for applying heat to the body is to increase bloodstream by increasing the body temperature. if the body temperature drops even by 1 degree, we start to suffer from various sickness due to chill, in contrast if our body temperature rises we tend to feel good .Improves the capability of tissue, Helps to prevent solidification of joints, Helps to relieve pain, Helps to relieve muscle tension, Increases Blood flow ETC.